Call A Tree Trimming Company To Keep Your Bluff Looking Beautiful

Living on a bluff usually means having beautiful views to look at. If you have trees that are blocking your views, however, you might be tempted to just cut them down. In some cases, this is not a good idea. Below are the reasons why and a better option you have so you can get your view back. Problems removing the trees could cause One problem that could happen if you remove trees from the bluff is it could cause soil erosion. Read More 

Cedar Apple Rust: How To Spot It, And What To Do About It

Cedar apple rust is a fungal infection that is passed between cedar and apple trees. If you live in an area where cedar trees are prevalent and you have one or more apple trees on your property, then it pays to be aware of the symptoms and recommended treatment methods for this disease. Otherwise, you could find that your entire apple crop is lost to cedar apple rust. Signs of Cedar Apple Rust Read More